Statement on Wheelchair Donation to Shane Ragland

June 12th, 2014

Recently, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation became aware of Mr. Ragland’s troubled past. The foundation tries to make an impact in each community it visits.  We reached out in search of a candidate for an event in Kentucky and Mr. Ragland was referred to us for a wheelchair donation by a local rehabilitation clinic. As a small organization, we rely on rehabilitation clinics to help identify patients in need of wheelchairs. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation had no knowledge of Mr. Ragland’s criminal record when we approved his wheelchair donation application. That information was never communicated to us during the referral or application process.

The foundation has a policy making any individuals whom have been convicted of a felony ineligible for a wheelchair donation. Upon learning this information, the foundation has made the decision to rescind the donation of the wheelchair to Mr. Ragland. Moving forward with the donation would not be in the spirit of our mission to give the gift of mobility to those in need. We appreciate several members of the local community for raising their voices and making us aware of Mr. Ragland’s past. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation remains committed to donating wheelchairs to deserving individuals.

  • Ghost of Winston Churchill

    He is the scourge of the Earth. He deserves every bit of natural justice that the legal system couldn’t carry out after being freed on a technicality for cold-blooded murder of an innocent. The little roach ought to cripple himself further until he disappears and stops beating girlfriends, driving drunk, and murdering for power. Plus, given his family’s public pandering for support of this monster, it’s clear the apple didn’t fall far from the psycho tree.

  • Ghost of Winston Churchill


  • Ghost of Winston Churchill

    Shane belongs in a prison cell, so him not getting a wheelchair he is the least deserving of in the free world is astonishing to bitch about. (To Shane’s “family” on here)