Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program Changes Lives

April 26th, 2010

One of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s primary objectives is to improve the quality of life for individuals affected by spinal cord injuries and other debilitating diseases.  The Wheelchair Donation Program was created to provide necessary equipment and special services to those afflicted with paralysis from injury or illness. The cost of a new wheelchair can be extremely expensive, on top of medical bills and numerous other costs associated with spinal cord injuries and debilitating diseases. The Foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program exists to provide underprivileged individuals with wheelchairs that they would otherwise be unable to obtain.

Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program has been providing customized wheelchairs to children and young adults in need across the country since 2002. The Foundation works with doctors and physical therapists to custom fit a wheelchair to each recipient’s needs.

Each year, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation holds Wheelchair Donation Events where a custom wheelchair is presented to an individual. Presenting wheelchairs at these events allows the public to see firsthand the way these chairs personally affect the wheelchair recipient and their family. Click here for a calendar of upcoming Wheelchair Donation Events.

A new wheelchair drastically changes the lives of its recipients. A past wheelchair recipient named Claudiu says in a testimonial, “A week ago I was just thinking if I could just replace the wheels of my old EBay-bought-falling-apart wheelchair. Now I am getting a new customized one! Besides my paralysis, I also have a huge scoliosis, and having a customized comfortable wheelchair is a life changer for me. It will improve the great pain that I am in most of the time, and it will make me more productive in my scientific research!”

If you are in need of a new wheelchair and would like to apply for one through the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program, click here to download an application.  

Click here to read testimonials from other wheelchair recipients.

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