Glen Annarumma Shows His Love for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation in a Unique Way

May 2nd, 2011

By Ryan Rogers

Glen Annarumma loves the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. This is a fact. If anyone didn’t believe his passion for the foundation’s work before, there is no denying it now. All you have to do is take a look at Glen’s right calf and see the proof. He recently had the Darrell Gwynn Foundation logo tattooed to his right leg. Yeah, that’s right. The foundation logo tattooed on his leg. How do you like “dem” apples folks? The Darrell Gwynn Foundation loves them!

So why do people get tattoos? I did a little research and came across this quote by an expert. “The fact is, tattoo-lovers are a proud lot — they have consciously taken the decision to tattoo their bodies and would like to proudly declare that they are what they are. They are ordinary people like you and me, except that they have a strong sense of identity they have no intention of hiding. They are not scared of public opinion and would love to let others know what they believe in,” said psychologist Dr. Michael R. Mantell.

Needless to say, Glen is very proud to show people what he believes in.

“It’s something that I’ve been talking about doing for two years now,” said Annarumma. “I’m glad to finally have it done. It’s something special the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. “It’s special because when you put your head on the pillow at night and you realize that someone has a better life because of something you did…that makes it all worth it.”

Indeed Glen can sleep well at night knowing how much he’s helped so many individuals by contributing to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s cause.

Glen, a resident of Deer Park, New York’s, passion for DGF started, like many others, when he witnessed a wheelchair donation in person as the foundation gave another individual the gift of mobility. His experience happened at a Barrett-Jackson auction and immediately Glen felt a calling to help the foundation. Inspired, he came up with a unique idea for fundraising. Knowing the foundation attends every Barrett-Jackson auction, he grabbed a commemorative Barrett-Jackson poster and asked every celebrity he could find on site to autograph the poster. He then donated it to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to auction on stage after its car in hopes of raising a few extra bucks for the foundation.

Glen Annarumma (left) helps DGF with its live auction at Wheels of Dreams in 2011

The poster auction for DGF became a hit with the Barrett-Jackson crowd. Now a tradition, Annarumma attends every Barrett-Jackson auction, collects autographs for each event’s commemorative poster and donates them to the foundation for auction on stage. In January 2011 at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, Annarumma’s poster scored $200,000 for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation alone. Over the years he has personally raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation which primarily benefited the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program.

Dozens of individuals can appreciate Glen Annarumma who helped fundraise so they could obtain life-changing wheelchairs. Glen’s tattoo is a testament to his passion and his dedication to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. In 2009, Annarumma was presented the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s “Gary & Nick Above & Beyond Award” for his work and commitment to the foundation. Perhaps their needs to be a new award created for Glen in lieu of his new tattoo. Maybe we’ll call it the “Glen Annarumma Tough to Beat That Commitment Award.”

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