Darrell Gwynn Foundation


In 2007, the Darrell Gwynn Foundation teamed up with Craig hospital, one of the premier rehabilitation hospitals for patients with spinal cord injuries, to form the Darrell Gwynn Patient Assistance Fund.

The Patient Assistance fund was set up to alleviate some of the unforeseeable costs newly injured spinal cord victims inquire upon leaving the hospital. Many of the costs incurred are not luxury items but those things that spinal cord victims require to insure their quality of life.

The fund assists patients at Craig Hospital by providing help with the following:

  1. Hand controls and other minor vehicle modifications and repairs to those items that assist patients in obtaining the ability to drive a vehicle or to continue to drive and remain as independent as possible.
  2. Acquiring the necessary bath equipment such as shower/commode wheelchairs, etc. Currently many insurance companies view bath equipment as "convenience items"
  3. Minor home modifications that enable a patient to be more independent in the home environment.
  4. Other items, with the approval of Department of Directors that may help improve a patient's quality of life.

One of the main goals of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation is to ultimately find a cure for paralysis, but until that day comes, quality of life for people living with spinal cord injuries is our top priority. With the patient assistance fund we hope more and more people are given the resources they need to lead their best life.


"The Darrell Gwynn Foundation helped me purchase an adapted telephone after completing rehabilitation at Craig Hospital in Colorado. This “Ameriphone” gives me the freedom to be home alone and independently communicate with friends, colleagues and family. I am very grateful for the Foundation's support as I rebuild my life in my community."

Penny Crom
Grand Junction, CO