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The Darrell Gwynn Foundation welcomes sponsorship opportunities with individuals and corporations which help achieve results that would not otherwise be possible. These sponsorships provide imperative opportunities for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to continue advancing our mission and help as many people as possible.

Wheelchair Donation Sponsorship

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Wheelchair Donation Program has been providing customized wheelchairs to children and young adults in need across the country since 2002. There are many opportunities throughout the year for an individual or company to sponsor a wheelchair for a needy recipient. This sponsorship offers a donor the chance to see first-hand how these wheelchairs change people's lives. This year you can be part of something special as the Darrell Gwynn Foundation rolls out "The Kid Turns 50 & Helps 50 Kids" fundraising campaign to support the Wheelchair Donation Program. You can give the gift of mobility by purchasing and entire life-changing wheelchair for an individual or pledge a donation to vital individual parts of a wheelchair at several different levels of endowment in your name or the name of your company.

Education & Prevention Program/Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week Sponsorship

A Darrell Gwynn Foundation initiative, Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week is dedicated to educating the Florida community, particularly high school age children, with the facts and statistics about spinal cord injuries and informing people on simple ways to prevent them. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of spinal cord injuries in the state of Florida, with the hopes of one day taking this campaign nationally. Although peaking during Spional Cord Injury Awareness Week, year-round the program continues to make presentations at high schools. Corporate sponsorship is vital in helping the Foundation educate as many people as possible while promoting awareness of paralysis and ways it can be prevented. With your sponsorship your companies brand, products and promotions will be distributed with Darrell Gwynn Foundation materials to more than 20,000 students, teachers and administrators in the States of Florida.

More information on becoming a FSCIAW week sponsor.

United Industries Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing Tournament Sponsorship

The United Industries Hot Rods & Reels Charity Fishing Tournaments have become a staple event at Homestead-Miami Speedway's Ford Championship Weekend and at Daytona Speedway's Speedweeks. Spend two hours fishing for trophy-size peacock bass and largemouth bass with your favorite NASCAR celebrities. This unique event combines the excitement of racing with the enjoyment of fishing. It’s a great way to entertain clients or reward employees and makes your race weekend a memorable experience. Catch a part of the action by becoming a sponsor!

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Garlits vs. Gwynn: Match Races for a Cause Sponsorship

Legendary Drag Racers Don “Big Daddy” Garlits & Darrell “The Kid” Gwynn have renewed their racing rivalry as they are squaring off in “Garlits vs. Gwynn: Match Races for a Cause”  at several NHRA events this season “Garlits vs. Gwynn: Match Races for a Cause” brings two NHRA Legends back to the track as the NHRA celebrates its 60th Anniversary. The match races are designed to raise money and awareness for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation and the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, Inc. You can be a part of this series by sponsoring it and having your logo appear on the custom built cars and take advantage of the national publicity the series is receiving from ESPN, Speed Channel, National NHRA Publications and local media in major markets such as New York, New Jersey, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Los Angeles and Indianapolis.

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