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There is an old saying in racing, "A driver is only as good as his pit crew." Now as I drive the foundation, I'm looking to recruit a brand new pit crew to help me reach the finish line. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation has long benefited from the support of its many volunteers and activists that help the foundation fundraise and execute its events all over the country. Now for the first time the Darrell Gwynn Foundation would like to officially recognize our volunteers and invite them to join our "Volunteer Pit Crew". Whether you've volunteered for the foundation for many years or are new and would like to get involved, now we have a club for you! The Darrell Gwynn Foundation's Volunteer Pit Crew is a club where you can not only be a part of the foundation's mission to provide AWARENESS, PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ultimately a CURE for paralysis, but also have a lot fun and enjoy some great perks and benefits for being a part of our team. Whether you are young, old, male, female, racing fan or soccer mom, we have ample opportunities for you to be a part of our team.

Please see the areas below where we are looking for volunteers and contact the coach that will lead each crew. Thanks and we hope to see you become a part of our team and help us reach the finish line.

Thanks fans, you're the greatest!

Darrell Gwynn

Team Spokesman

Serves as a speaker in the Darrell Gwynn Foundation's Speaker's Bureau as part of its Education & Prevention Program.

  • Speakers must be diagnosed with a spinal cord injury and confined to a wheelchair.
  • Speakers should be interested in sharing their stories and helping prevent others from sustaining spinal cord injuries.
  • Speak at area schools to educate students and prevent spinal cord injuries.
  • Facilitate relationships with new schools/school districts.

Coach: Micah Moreno

Crew Chief

Takes the lead on organizing fundraising events for the foundation.

  • Volunteers time to secure venue, supplies, product and participation from necessary parties to make the event successful.

Coach: Micah Moreno

Skilled Mechanic

Organizes the Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Education & Prevention Program Presentations at schools outside the State of Florida.

  • Recruits Speakers
  • Develops relationships with schools/school districts
  • Schedules Presentations

Coach: Micah Moreno

Tire Changer

Volunteers time to represent the Darrell Gwynn Foundation at various events and collect donations, sell merchandise, collect data and distribute materials.

  • Health Fairs
  • Car Shows
  • Community Events
  • NASCAR Races
  • NHRA Races
  • Barrett-Jackson Auctions
  • Etc.

Coach: Micah Moreno

Jack Man

Volunteer at Darrell Gwynn Foundation fundraising eventsor Darrell Gwynn Foundation headquarters and work with Darrell Gwynn Foundation staff in several capacities.

  • Registration
  • Setup
  • Donation Collection
  • Wheelchair Recipient Handler
  • Celebrity Wrangler
  • Runner
  • Administrative Work
  • Operations Projects
  • Gift Bag Assembly
  • Etc.

Coach: Micah Moreno


Takes initiative to develop small fundraising events or campaigns with proceeds benefiting the Darrell Gwynn Foundation.

  • Facebook Causes
  • FirstGiving.com
  • Bake Sales
  • Wine/Food Tastings
  • Garage Sales
  • Car Washes
  • Donation Collection Booths at Events
  • Bar/Restaurant Fundraisers
  • Etc.

Coach: Micah Moreno

Parts Runner

Takes initiative to collect gifts, packages and items for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to utilize at events as silent auction items.

  • Collect Sports Memorabilia
  • Collect Hotel Packages
  • Collect Spa Packages
  • Collect Jewelry
  • Collect Travel Packages
  • Collect Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Collect Cars for Auction
  • Etc.

Coach: Micah Moreno

Parts Supplier

Donates gifts, packages and items for the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to utilize as silent auction items.

  • Donate Cars for Auction
  • Donate Sports Memorabilia
  • Donate Hotel Packages
  • Donate Spa Packages
  • Donate Jewelry
  • Donate Travel Packages
  • Donate Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Etc.

Coach: Micah Moreno

Team Publicist

Volunteers to make deliveries to media in markets outside of South Florida.

  • Deliver media kits and information on the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to television stations, radio stations and newspapers.

Coach: Micah Moreno

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